aug 11

Today, I headed into Reykjavik. The airbnb could not move my rez from the 15th to tonight so I am camping again at the Reykjavik camp ground. It’s huge.  Got my a spot, took a shower, ate some lunch (you guessed it, pb&j and chips) and headed into downtown. Took pictures with my phone so can’t share here. Sorry.

I’m in their ‘lounge’ out of the wind and finishing up my posts. Here is a picture from the drive today.


My tablet is about to die.

I am headed home tomorrow night, Sunday. Thanks for joining me on my Iceland journey. These past 11 days have been a blast.   Truly something I will never forget!


aug 10

THE PLAN:  Lots to see today.  Heading northeast to check out a church, some cool rock formations, a lighthouse, lunch in Akureyri, and a waterfall.  Then, hopefully another hot pot 🙂   For you Game of Thrones fans, I’m going to see the cave where Ygritte and Jon consummated their relationship (at Gryotayja cave) then do some hikes, camping at Vesturdalur (?).  Today is uncertain as to where I will actually be camping.

Pages from 4309_001-6

As noted, I will not be doing this.  So today, Friday, Aug 10, I am washing some select clothes in the wash basin at the camp site.


Sat outside and read a book, went for a stroll and just relaxed.   Was at that convenience store for quite a while this morning using their WiFi to change flights and cancel existing reservations. But with all that done I set out to just enjoy where I was and the great weather. I have been blessed this whole trip (except that one horribly wet day on my hike) with the most amazingly clear, sunny days.

aug 9

THE PLAN:  Today is kayak day (morning), lunch in town, then headed to a hot pot at Drangsnes. Finish up at Bordeyri to camp.Pages from 4309_001-5

Went in to town about 8:00 so I could eat breakfast and charge this tablet. Not the best breakfast but I got something in my stomach. Went across the street at 9am to check in for kayaking and the guy there told me I had yo meet at the pier and gave me directions. I then got lost. I stopped at what looked like a ship hardware store (!?!) And the 2 guys there helped me get back on the right path. Got there about 9:15 or so and I was the only one. Got dressed in all the gear and we headed out. The water was like glass. And there was no wind and occasionally the sun peeked through. Again, another perfect day.  My arms got pretty tired so I called it when I was ready to head back. We were out until 12:00.

Went to the grocery store and got an apple, some raspberry marmalade and a bag if chips. I had bread, so made a pb&j for lunch with my goodies.

Started out again, tuning on highway 61. About 20 minutes in, I realized I was headed in the wrong direction. Sheesh. On the correct road just headed the wrong way.





No hot pot. Went into Holmavick to check out another museum, but in a town of maybe 3 streets, I could not find it.


Campsite for day 9

While setting up my tent I noticed my passenger side front tire and hub cap. I hit something enough to take a chunk of rubber off the sidewall and dent the hubcap, noticeably.  I did not feel or hear anything.  I have no idea when that could have happened. I purchased gravel insurance but not tire insurance.  Cha-ching.

Decided t get my soup ready for dinner, and the burner thingy decided to stop working. I went to a convenience store down the road thinking it !right just be the gas container so purchased another. Got back and tried that, well got the soup hot but also burned the pot to do it, then it died for good. I now have no way to cook my food. I can’t seem to find a replacement burner thingy.

After careful and thoughtful deliberation, I have decided to call this trip to an end. I could go into my reasoning, but I won’t.  It’s a choice I have made. I am currently in Bordeyri and will stay a second night here also (Friday). There is internet access and food about a 15km drive away.

aug 8

THE PLAN:  Check out Rausosandur Beach, drive to Latrabjarb there on the western-most tip, backtrack to the main road and go to Dynjandi Falls, then to some botanical gardens.  Camping at Tungudalur hopefully to shower and wash some clothes!  Hike 2 small trails –  Kubbi and Troll’s Seat.  Dinner in town.Pages from 4309_001-4

Well, okay! On to day 8 😊  It was a very cold night last night. No wind but close to freezing.  Brrr  Hard to get out of bed! Got up at 7. E day is absolutely clear. Not a cloud in sight. Just wonderful! Did not get on the road until 8:15.

This morning I’m headed to the bird sanctuary.  Another small gravel road.  Cool sight, but I wanted to see Puffins and all I saw were seagulls and ravens.  I’m sure there were other small birds there, but I dont know what they were.




Then it was time to move on down the road for more adventure😁 Some views along then way.


I saw this sign everywhere and still don’t understand it😂😂


Dynjandi Falls

Headed for some botanical gardens but my have missed the sign. Signs are are limited. You never see them until right when you need to turn!

Just a cool view of a bunch of fjords!

Made it to town earlier than expected. About 4:00pm.  Got gas, got directions to an ATM to get some money for the laundry.  And found a grocery store. Went to camp and set up. Got my dirty clothes to the washer, and the machine didn’t work😤😥😧   Bummed. Took a much needed shower and went into town for a real dinner.  Wanted seafood, got another hamburger.



aug 7


No longer a fan of WordPress. It doesn’t undo well at all, and now I have to re-type everything I just fnishd typing 😠😠.

The plan today is to see some basalt walls, a fissure, the place where Jules Verne got his idea write Journey to the Center of the Earth, and to see where Ben Stiler rode the skateboard in t Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

day 8

This is where camp was night one, Monday. Had to get used to camping again!


So Tuesday –  here are some photos:

A sign to indicate you are entering a town/village



Another gorgeous day



On the ferry
Camp site at “Melanes”. Look at that sky and there’s a peek of the ocean in the distance

Today was amazing. Lots to see. Was hoping the town of Stykkisholmur where I caught the ferry would have some shops to browse but it did not. Tried check out the Library of Water, but after finally finding it, it was closed😠.

Got in line for the ferry at 3:05 and finally drove aboard about 3:25. Smooth ride and finally good access to the internet. Had a huge bowl of French fries. Don’t know if I was just hungry or if those were the best fries EVER!!  HAHA

Got to port and on the road by about 6:45. Lots of gravel roads to get to the camp site. Arrived about 8pm. Set up camp, ate some dehydrated soup and some cookies. Finally climbed in bed at 10:30. Really hard to be down when the sun is still up.

aug 6

THE PLAN:  This is my first TRAVEL day – I am doing a lot today so I may not make the waterfalls at the northern-most part of my drive, but I’m damn sure going to try.  So the trip will go like this:

  1. Reykjavik west to Geysir and Gullfoss Falls – short hike
  2. Back track then head north to Glymur Waterfall – 4 mile loop
  3. Hraunfassar and Barnafoss falls
  4. Back west to Borgarnes to camp

day 7Woke up late because I made some changes to my itinerary today. I will not be hiking Glymur Falls Trail. I don’t think I can do it with the way my body feels. And that’s okay (sort of). I slept really hard though! Got up and made some coffee, worked on trying to get the internet. Did not get it to work so got my packing done, loaded up the car and got on the road by 10.  Cloudy but no rain! Made it to the Geysir. Not Old Faithful by any stretch, but I took a picture ☺Only lasted about 2 seconds, if that!


Then I drove up to Gullfoss (waterfall). Quite a tourist attraction but there weren’t too many people.


Next stop was at 2 more waterfalls. Hraunfassar and Barnafoss.

Just a view from the road

Headed to my camp site with arrival around 7:30.  Got set up, ate a peanut butter sandwich and climbed in the sleeping bag to get warm and type a little! The sun went down about 10:30.


aug 5

THE PLAN:  Busy day – hike the last 9 miles of my trek to catch my bus, get back to the bus terminal, catch another bus going to the airport (about an hour later), pick up my car and drive back to Reykjavik. Shew!  Then the next part of my adventure begins!

Today started with coffee and oatmeal!  Sounds like a pattern here?!? It looked yucky out. The wind had started to blow in the middle of the night and was windy upon rising. Was chillier than the previous day. One of the women let me use her rain sack for my back pack. So very nice of her. Really helped my stress level regarding rain. But, it did not rain the whole day 😀  It was pretty cold though with that wind raging. The hike was way prettier today. More colors and changes in scenery since I was heading to a lower elevation. Left my last hut at Emstrur at 8:00am. Had a Kind bar at about 10:15. 

Had my last river crossing with about 3 km to go!! Woo hoo! Then headed into a green paradise. Being hidden by the trees, you could not hear or feel the wind. It was so quiet and warm and pretty!!



Then just there at the end, I looked at the sign post and went the wrong way. Added about a 1\2 mile to my journey😣. I went to the huts I thought I needed to be at and where my All trails map sent me, but it was the wtinf one. I had to backtrack my 1\4 mile the get on the right trail and go another mile.  But I made it by 2:00 which worked out. I had lunch with the Colo Spgs women and the we caught the bus back to Reykjavik.

I stayed at the terminal and caught an 8pm bus to the airport so I could pick up my rental car. Got that taken car of and thankful the sun didn’t set until 10:20 or something. I missed my one turn off and almost freaked out when I saw downtown looming close. I turned around and luckily saw a name that looked familiar and loe and behold, it was the turn I needed.

Got into the airbnb, took a desperately needed shower and went to bed at 11pm.

aug 4

Saturday.  Let’s see, I woke up tired.  Hm, wonder why? LOL Got up at 7:45 😀, had my coffee and oatmeal. The sun was shining and the skies were blue

The Alftavatn hut sire in the morning.




So nice to see!  Got situated by 9am and got on the trail. Bugs were out and aiming for the eyes, nose and mouth. I kept my mouth open in hopes of getting more protein! Not really, but it was annoying.

Heading today to Emstrur.  The hike today was boring unfortunately. Not too long and relatively flat as you can tell by the photos. A good river crossing for fun and that was about it. My legs felt like 50 lbs each.  So glad the hike was flat. Got to the huts about 2:00. Was on a top bunk but had lots of room to myself. Met 6 great women who were there from Colorado Springs of all places!! Fun to share a space with women my age and from the same place!  

One of the leaders of a small group was such a nice guy. He made me some hot chocolate and gave me a small chocolate!!  He had a friend who was helping him out on the trip. Also very helpful and friendly. Had a delicious pot of Chicken ramen with peas. A Snickers bar for dessert and bed at 9:30. Tuckered out.


The hut!!

aug 3

A very long day. Slept as well as can be expected. Looks amazing outside.  Few clouds and no wind. Had my coffee and bowl of oatmeal and began at 7:45.  It was noted as a hard hike and they were not kidding. A lot of up but still pretty awesome!!

The start☺

The hut today is Alftavatn. I am stopping for lunch at another hut midway, Hrafntinnusker. Stopped for a snack at 10:30. It was getting a little cooler!  Crossed some snow fields

Enter a csigh post. 10,5 km to the midway hut.



Finally made it to the next hut at 11:30. Had some lunch and relaxed for a bit, then headed out for the second leg of the hike today.


Within 10 minutes the weather turned. I fought with my rain gear off and on for about 45 minutes during the beginning of that. The wind was ridiculous and of course it was raining.  I hiked through more snow fields and the up hills began.

At one point I could tell that my rain poncho for the bag was loose. I asked two guys who were behind me to see if they could snug it up. They did better than me and it held until the end.

It sleeted, the wind blew and it rained the rest of the hike. The glove I had to get were not water proof, so my fingers were getting pruny! Was unable to take photos for fear of getting my camera wet and at one point it was so foggy you couldn’t see anything anyway. The final down hill approach was long!!!  Wet and slippery and steep and long. You could see the huts about 3km away in the distance.


Got there about 4:30.  Dinner was dehydrated soup and a Snickers that I bought there for $2.50!  I was beat. I was dry, but my rain pants, jacket, and gloves were pretty wet. My pack was wet, but all contents were dry.

Went to bed at about 9:15. Hoping for a dryer day tomorrow.

aug 2

The Laugavegur Trail

THE PLAN:  The trek begins – I take a bus to Landmannalauger.  I will spend the night in a hut there.  The first yellow dot you see is Alftavatn (hut) which is approx. 15 miles from start. This is where I’ll stay for night 2. The second yellow dot is Emstrur (hut) where I stay for night 3.  The black dot is the end of the trail and the yellow dot is where I pick up my bus back to Reykjavik.  This yellow dot is also another hut if you wanted to continue south.  I chose not to!

laugavegur trailday 1

First let me apologize for getting this in so late. I ternet reception SUCKS. Even at the air BnB. I’m on the ferry and it appears to be working. Just have to do this fast.

So my my trek begins. Got a good start to the morning. One small hitch, I left the room heading for the bus stop and got a few blocks away and remembered I left dinner in the fridge. Had to rush back to get it. Sheesh. But I arrived just as the bus was pulling up. Only took about 4 minutes to get the the bus terminal . Got on the bus for my 3+ bus ride to the first hut.

The bus

About 5 minutes into the ride I remembered I did not include my wool hat or gloves. Seriously? Ugh. But the bus made a 35 minute stop at a gas station and they had both at a relatively cheap price. Thank god for that!!

Got to the hut at Landmannalauger at 12:15.  Got my spot in the community sleeping area, put on my bathing suit and went for a dip in the hot springs.

The huts at Landmannalauger
I’m on the right. Yes we were packed in!
8pm Thursday at the huts

Took a nap☺ Meet 4 women from Canada who were in the beds next to me, Kathy, Christine and Karen.  At dinner met a guy named Wayne and his wife JoyAnn from Pennsylvania. Great group. Hit the hay at about 9:30. Can’t wait to get started!